Kevin Patricio

Writer & Curator – Sapin

Kevin is an American living in San Sebastian. He was born in Baltimore and spent his adult life in New York City. Kevin started his food career at Food & Wine Magazine but soon turned his focus to the kitchen. At 28 years old, he left the comfortable confines of the magazine to embark on his cooking career. He cooked at some NYC institutions like The Red Cat and Blue Hill and visited Spain to stages in the likes of Restaurante Arzak.

Kevin’s life has been cultivated by food but it’s the dining experience that defines his motivation. “I want a guest’s experience to be perfect. That doesn’t mean a white tablecloth and stodgy service. I want to create mood for food. This means how a guest is welcomed to the restaurant. The ambiance. Choosing the right beer or wine. I have had my most memorable dining experiences when I’ve least expected it. This was due to great food, great beer/wine, and someone creating the perfect environment.”

It was the pursuit of experience that led Kevin to craft brewing–wanting to provide this experience to those who live and visit the Basque Country. In two short years, Basqueland Brewing Project has become one of the top breweries in the Spanish peninsula.


CEO, Basqueland Brewing Project

Named Best Brewery Spain, 2017 Concurso Nacional de Cervezas

Past Contributor: Parts Unknown, Roads & Kingdoms, Food & Wine, Departures