Kevin Cherkas and Virginia Entizne


Canadian-born Chef Kevin and his Spanish entrepreneur wife, Virginia share a passion for hospitality and a love for Asia with over 20 years combined experience in the region. Kevin’s resume is jam-packed with extensive turns at some of the world’s best eateries including Arzak, La Broche and El Bulli in Spain and Restaurant Daniel in NYC. Kevin and Virginia took Bali by surprise when they boldly broke into the restaurant scene to offer a radically different casual-meets-fine dining experience.

Cuca threw open its doors in 2013 and quietly set about redefining a new wave of modernist cuisine in Bali. At the time, most other restaurateurs on the island were focused on delivering fine dining experiences using the finest imported produce. Kevin and Virginia’s team completely rewrote the rule book by choosing to source only the the best local produce from Indonesia and thus challenging expectations of what cutting edge dining on the island could actually be.