Iñaki Bolumburu


Iñaki Bolumburu is descended from generations of farmers, hunters, fishermen and foragers and started from a very young age to develop a big and strong passion for food, the respect for the products and producers, cooking, and what surrounds it….at the end the cultural roots of the Basque Country

He is originally from Derio, a little village near Bilbao city and is the first of his family to become a professional chef. Before he could even reach the dining table he wanted to help in the kitchen. His first memory is when he helped his cousin to prepare courgettes collected from the garden.

At only 15 years of age he commenced studying at the School of Hospitality Artxanda in Bilbao and embarked on his professional culinary career. After years of hard work and passion his talent was rewarded and he got the chance to work in one of the bests restaurants in the world, Mugaritz of Donostia, then Noma in Copenhagen and now Nerua in Bilbao.

Like all the Basque people he loves eating and drinking, but he likes music, animals, and going to the beach and the mountains too, in the end he loves nature.

Sometimes less is more, and be happy are his philosophies of life.