Felicity Hannay

Curator – Bali

More avant than guarde, Felicity Hannay has a fabulously diverse background in cutting edge media-food-fashion industries from starting her own teen magazine to owning restaurants. She packs an extraordinary amount of career into her life, which includes selling her successful fashion magazine to Rupert Murdoch’s empire, spun her abundant creativity at key advertising agencies, writes relentlessly and retired to open two successful restaurant’s in New Zealand’s glam resort destination of Waiheke Island.  Incredibly, she has also raised a clutch of children and is marketing doyenne of Bali’s prestigious Elite Havens group. Her driving passion is for food but this is not contained to creating and eating. Her food obsession is also about deep aesthetics. “If it’s not fit for Instagram, it’s not fit for consumption,” she has been quoted as saying.

It is her lifelong dedication to the ‘devil that is detail’ that reveals itself in the way food is plated and exhibited. She is as zealous about the beauty of a perfectly presented pompe à l’huile as she is about the freshness and provenance of raw produce. Felicity’s personal maxim is that the quality of a dining experience is about where, when and with whom you are dining.

As a jet set nomad with an eye for a beauty and styling skills to kill, she treats her home with the same regal regard as she eats, and her villa is a celebrated showpiece of chic élan. While her second love is fashion, you will not find her knitting in her spare time but growing and picking herbs to be flawlessly fashioned upon her latest dish of pure deliciousness at one of her famed sunset soirees.