Ainhoa Alvarez

San Sebastian

Ainhoa has lived worked and studied across Europe but is a Basque native.

Most of her working life has been dedicated to the field of law, interpreting, translation and teaching people to speak Spanish but her passion lies in the stunning Basque countryside where she takes hiking tours across the French and Spanish Basque regions.

Here are some of her tours:

– St James Road hikes

– Chillida Leku Museum

– Monastery of Aranzazu- Loyola- La Antigua

– Saint- Jean de Luz, Biarritz, Bayonne.

– Hondarribi, Pasaia.

She also guides visitors on the urban, cultural highlights and gastronomic tours, primarily the famed pintxos in collaboration with Donosti-Guides Association.

For many years in many roles Ainhoa worked with the International Film Festival of San Sebastián.